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We are beyond grateful for all of the dc local businesses that supported us in one way or another to help bring these stories to life. 

The only organization in DC offering youth housing, like for Simone's brother Rashad in episode 4. We're very thankful for Sasha Bruce for opening their do

Please consider donating to this wonderful organization, here.

The colorful & vibrant store Najae tries to sell her clothes in episode one.  Black-owned.

Visit Fia and her store at 806 Upshur St NW.

Korean Taco Grill. So good you'll want the whole menu. Numerous locations throughout DC.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 11.41.29

Local bike shop located in the heart of Georgetown. Seen in episode 8!

1034 33rd St NW

A historic space for creative women in the arts, opening their doors for filming, editing, team meetings, and more.  Check out their IG @penartsDC for events or stop by at 1300 17th St NW.


Falafel sandwiches and bowls for all the veggie and vegan lovers out there. Amsterdam Falafel sponsored a day of filming meals for all cast & crew.

Locations throughout DC! 

An ethical coffee shop that opened their doors for a scene that we cut from Sasha's episode. They're coffee is directly and fairly traded from Rwanda.

Located at 621 Pennsylvania Ave SE

A colorful and worldly tea shop we filmed in for a scene that got cut in episode 7. Black-owned.

Located at 1847 7th St NW.

Designer behind Gene's fabulous dress. Sourced from Nubian Hueman. Black-owned.

Visit their store at the Anacostia Arts Center

Where Najae tried to get a job as a waitress that one time. Black-owned.

Visit Smith Commons on H street  x 12th block.

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 11.09.25

Voted Best Pet Shop In DC by City Paper's Best Of DC!

Seen in Episode 8!

733 8th St SE

Black-owned and women-owned. Plants, flowers, cards. Shop here. 

1026 U St NW

Where Anthony Oakes told jokes and Najae did spoken word in episode one. Black-owned.

Visit this historic gem at 2714 Georgia Ave NW.


Fun and eclectic shoes, designed in Vancouver, Canada. Find these shoes in Georgetown.

1265 Wisconsin Ave NW

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 11.47.39

A sweet bakery that opened their doors to let us film on a last minute request. This coffeeshop was once located in Georgetown,  but has now closed.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 12.37.01

Not only did they let us film in their DC location, but they sponsored a full crew meal!! Seen on episode 8 and also on the Food Network! 

2418 Wisconsin Ave NW


One of the sweetest family owned natural soap and body product shops in the District. Featured in episode 8! Black-owned.

311 8th St NE


The lovely print shop in the opening of episode 2. They may have messed up Gene's order in the show, but in reality they get the job done. 

Visit for all paper & printing needs at 1803 Florida Ave NW.

The gallery Gene displayed her artwork for the first time in episode 2. A special space for black arts, history, and community. Black & woman owned.

Find the gallery at 3200 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE.

The yummiest fast-casual Indian spot that sponsored a day's filming for the entire cast & crew.

Find this flavorful food at 415 7th St NW.


A creative digital agency located in Eastern Market. We filmed the final party scene here!

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 10.35.27

Bar and restaurant located on 14th street. Great managers and welcoming space.

1833 14th St NW

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 9.55.58 PM.png

Sourced vintage items to help style our main characters. This boutique is located in the Anacostia Arts Center and is also Black-owned.

Very yummy pizza. They also offer salad bowls and other craft items. Multiple locations throughout the DMV.

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 10.22.32

One of the very first people to invest in GROWN the web series. Green is a a spoken word artist, educator, motivational speaker and runs his org LMS Voice.

Definitely one of the top three spots to get tacos.  Vegetarian approved. They fed our entire production crew for a meal! Locations throughout the district.


All vegan everything. The kale salad, mac and cheese, fried chikin is just a few of their menu items. So Good and Black-owned.

2928 Georgia Ave NW


Loc and Natural hair salon that is most definitely Black-owned and home of vibrant and talented stylists.


402 8th St NE

These dangerously delicious pies sponsored a full cast & crew meal.

Get your slice ~ savory or sweet ~ at 1339 H St NE, Washington, DC.

Sasha's debut outfit in episode one. Styled by Skye Ellis.

Visit this chic n sleek boutique at 1924 8th St NW Suite 115.

The sweater Najae's fake boo let her borrow in episode three.

Check out all 2heads designs at @agapemarketinggroup

Fast & healthy mediterranean bowls sponsored multiple cast & crew meals.

They've got restaurants around the city. Special s/o to the Dupont location.


This series was made a reality because of your initial support and belief in us and these stories. Because of you, we can, and we did! And we are forever grateful. 

Jasmine Franklin

Bonnie Horton

Noy Davis

Albe Santiago

Summer Ellis

Claudia Cummings

Mark Reese

Paula Steiner

Jiro Baskin

Kendra Stubbs

Michel Anthony Le Gendre

Brie Lauture

Jamie Cahill

Jazmine Vick

Ann Karrar

Jason Biehl

Armani Reed

Sean Ramsure

Brahms Guignard

Sasha Love

Keyana West

Charnessa Lizama

Eva Spinola

Jordan Hall

Rosa Gandler

Ellen Donahue

Toye Adenekan

Alexandria Arnold

Annie Mejaes

Kelli Murbach

Rabiah Harris

Samantha Guerra

Jazmine Ramos

Jayy Thomp

Brittany Thomas

Nadia Tawfiq

Lei Ballard

Lyla Wakut

Cristian Biviano

Blaine Morries

Jeana Shea

Darris Jordan

Daquanna Harrison

Kurt Williamson

Brianna Farrar

Warren Oliver

Emily Lyons

Holly Bass

Justin Coop

April Rock

Dion Bullock

Keturah Brown

Caroyln Anderson

Noreen Cahill

Jade Foster

Paul Duford

Dorian Morales

Ashanti Jackson

Sean Gillis

Jamillah Joy

Dana Miranda

Melissa Regan

Kate McGowan

Trevon Offley

Roy Abdo

Sara Triana Mitchell

Ross Williams


Anna Correia

Anaïs Amin

Heidi Draushak

Chante Harris

Brian Billups

Emily Shea

Daquisha Barber

Chloe Rosenburg

Thomas Kivney

Chasity Santiago

Denisha Perks

Damali Omolade

Zina Foston

Tim Kang

Dimitri Tessier

Ashley Nelle-Davis

Grace Gohke

Dan Schiraldi

Paul Levy

Scott Burkhardt

Jennifer Rae

Aric Jenkins

Annie O'Reilly

Bradley Belanger

Edward Quinones

Amara Azubuike

Brenda Hayes

Caitlin Corcoran

Megan Janicki

Sarah Roche

Jameka Haggins

Caroline Scown

Lily Karlin

Chris Munden

Abir Eldada

AJ Rios

Jodi Gomes

Evangeline Aneke

Shailka Shoulders

Krystal Ramseur

Kaelyn Dacosta

Kelsey Kourafas

Kristen Pulkstenis

Desiree Okoh

Joya Corr

Yemariam Mamo

Galen Hon

Michael Hudson

Erica McGreevy

Irene Glowinski

Randy Horton

Sarah Solomon

Arunas Zukauskai

Rita Zukauskai


Marianna Stikas

Renee Omolade

Rachael Robinson

Kathrene Gawel

Melissa Shapiro

Betty Haile

Katelyn Leda

Ally Anderson

Rachael Wummer

Galen Hon

Jhonny Maldonado

Jana Green

Shirley Gawel

Molly Holt

Ron Douglass

Cidney Klein 

Candace Smith

Daniel Steiner

Stan McLaren

Jason Higley

Jasmine West

Jemal Price

Moira Cormier

Avalon McLaren

Joann Johnson

Blake Jones

Elissa Garr

Ariff McLaren

Samuel Okine

Jennifer Sheehan

Tatehona Kelly

Taryn Smith

Ingrid Lynt

Christopher Janson

Kristen Shannon

Raphael Garcia

Kenzie Antila

Tiara Davis

Amanda Pertierra

William Carter

Tovaun Anthony

Mya Rose

Brittney Vail

Aneesa Morine

Kathryn Bachtold

Stephanie Kos

Andie Vaught

Laura Blanco Morene

Liza Gillooly


Daniel Fitzgerald

Amy Scott

Jayme Epstein

Shaina Kuhn

Resean West

Brandon Na

Constance Robinson

Laura Habacker

Judy Richardson

Johnee Wilson

Dr. Evelyn Wofford

Terry West 

Melodie Miranda West

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